They have jumbo flowers on sturdy, 16” stems. These ornamental onions come with blossoms in many colors, shapes and sizes. Species crocus blossom about two weeks before the Dutch large-flowering crocus. The early tulips are called either ‘Single Early’ or ‘Double Early’ and will be the first to bloom. The mid-season tulips include the Triumph and the Darwin-hybrids. Even though it has been much slower than last year, it is worth the wait. Portland Nursery on Stark Instructions say to plant them 4 inches deep and 4 inches apart, but planting any bulbs more deeply than the instructions suggest won’t hurt them and in some cases, as when critters like to eat them, can be beneficial. Origin: Most are found in Central Asia and west from there into Turkey and Southern Europe. Tulips can be used massed together in garden beds to give bright swaths of color or put into containers for early spring color and a little pick-me-up by a front door. It helps to have deer. Remove dead flowers, clipping the stem close to the base of the plant. But again, they look better if planted in a mass to create a blanket of blossoms. Muscari, or grape hyacinth, are another bulb that wants to be planted in a mass. In a former garden, I used a delicately colored group of ‘Elegant Lady‘ lily-flowered tulips, in creamy ivory blushed with rose, next to ‘Blue Ideal‘ hollandia iris (the fall-bulb type), surrounded with clouds of blue flax and footed with Alyssum saxatile ‘Citrinum‘. I wrote about bulbs last year, providing basic information and covering the most common flowering bulbs such as daffodils, tulips and hyacinths. }()); This fall, think outside the bulb box and experiment with something new, like chionodoxa, pictured here. The Yellow Tulip Project is a Maine based non-profit organization that is trying to diminish the stigma surrounding mental illness while building a supportive community combining youth and community leaders. Maintenance: Tulips are treated as an annual or a short-lived perennial because often after their first year the flowering declines. The Gardens are now closed except for our special event, Gardens Aglow. Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens: Tulips Galore - See 1,796 traveler reviews, 1,434 candid photos, and great deals for Boothbay, ME, at Tripadvisor. 5050 SE Stark, Portland, OR 97215, Portland Nursery on Division If the page does not reload within 5 seconds, please refresh the page. These are low-growing plants that create a kind of ground cover, and they naturalize well, coming back year after year. Varies daily, late April through October. Tom Atwell has been writing the Maine Gardener column since 2004. When thanked for his hard work, Newton replied, “I don’t feel like we do too much. The Kaufmanniana tulips, also called the water lily tulips, are early bloomers with three inch flowers that will open flat in the sun. One that my wife, Nancy, and I are trying this year is chionodoxa, with the common name glory-of-the-snow. By providing your email address you consent to receive emails and offers from MaineToday Media, Maine Gardener: It’s bulb-planting time. Dusting the bulbs with a sulphur fungicide before planting will help. 1,795 Reviews #1 of 15 things to ... 2 senior couples) and she much like the children’s area and the Fairy area. The best time to plant your potted tulips is after their bloom time and once the foliage has withered. Most varieties will also make great cut flowers for inside. If you plant, Do not cut back mums. Sign up today! Already have one? Tulips are classified according to their bloom time:  early, mid-season, or late. Rich, sandy soil is ideal but they will do well with any good, fast-draining soil. document.cookie = cookieString; All my Maine tulips are at least 5 years old because – if I’m remembering right – that’s when I stopped planting new ones. ... Maine. Tulips and other flowers mainly bloom during spring. I would not plant crocuses beside your driveway, where your snowplow puts all your snow. Most bright and cheery of all are the spring tulips. in Maine, esp zone 4. } Go for the unusual. To encourage blooming from year to year, it is recommended to fertilize with a bulb food before blooming and let the foliage wither before removing it. Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is a people’s garden, a grassroots effort that began as a casual conversation between friends and evolved into the largest botanical garden in New England. var val = 0; By thinking ahead and planting the bulbs in the fall, you will be rewarded with the tulip’s spring show. Plant them in a spot that you can see from a window. Once established, tulips will multiply annually, which allows gardeners to dig up the bulbs in the fall to separate and share with friends or to plant in another gardening area. If you know the plant names, you may feel more confident. return 0; This is the period of time when the plant is working hard to store enough energy to live through the winter and be ready to bloom again in the spring. Several chionodoxa come in an almost true blue, which is somewhat unusual to find in a garden plant, while others are pink, violet or white. One of our favorite spots to see these beauties is tucked inside a charming botanical garden in the heart of Southern California. return val; Tulips are classified according to their bloom time: early, mid-season, or late. 18-22". var cookieName = new RegExp('MSPAN_Paywall_views_' + now.getMonth()); With the common name of glory-of-the-snow, perhaps these will be the glory of your garden next spring. 7. MAINE, Maine — One town in Maine has a mission to “smash the stigma" surrounding mental illness by planting 1,000 yellow tulips in Waterville.. I'm zone 4(b) & am relatively new to gardening in Maine. Aphids can attack the flower buds and distort the flowers. Once tulips bloom, it is vital that you allow them to grow undisturbed until the leaves turn yellow and eventually die. We have an array of tulip bulbs (and other bulbs) all potted up and growing- ready to burst into your garden with spring color. They blossom in April or May and come in blue, purple or white. To do this, dig the bulbs after the foliage has turned yellow and store in a cool dry place until it is time to plant them in the fall. After the ground has frozen, spread 4 to 6 inches of mulch around the plant. Iris reticulata is the most common of these, but several related varieties exist. You will receive an email to complete the registration.
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